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FAQ's & Care Instructions

How often do you need to refinish tables and doors?

We recommend refinishing all surfaces every two- three years. This does vary depending on use and environment. We do offer a ‘we come to you’ service for refinishing, please email us at for a quote. 

What do you use to finish your pieces?

For all of our large pieces we finish with a 19 step process using hard wax oil from Osmo. On our smaller pieces (serving boards) we use our very own ‘Goat Oil’ a coconut/ mineral oil & bees wax blend. Goat oil is a quick and easy way to maintain any cutting board not just resin serving boards. Goat Oil is available to purchase in our online store.  

How do I clean & maintain my table & boards?

Wipe over with a warm soapy water to remove any food/ grime and a dry once over with a clean microfiber cloth to remove any water marks left on the resin. We do also recommend the Osmo spray cleaner available in our online shop to help maintain the amazing fresh table finish.   


Do NOT soak, submerge or place in a dishwasher as this will lead to bowing/ splitting of the timber and resin discoloration.  


Do NOT place hot pans, pots, trays or takeaway containers directly onto the resin or timber as this can lead to resin damage and colour fading. Always use placemats, coasters, table runners, heat proof mats or a timber board under hot objects or anything that will condensate leaving water marks on your table.  

Is it safe to put food on the epoxy tables & boards?

Yes, epoxy that has been set and sealed correctly is food safe. If the resin is cut with something sharp this may lead to small resin chips/ flakes which should not be consumed. We do NOT recommend cutting on the resin – but who would want to cut on a piece of art? 

How are pieces delivered?

If you are local to Sydney NSW we do offer delivery and installation services for our large pieces. This is an added extra that can be discussed when we are in the designing process.  

If freight is required we will wrap and crate all items as necessary, each crate is built to the specific piece we are shipping to ensure a safe journey home. You can also opt for freight insurance if you wish.  

Can I cut on the epoxy boards?

All epoxy resin boards are intended as serving boards, cutting on the epoxy will scratch/ mark it up.

Can I have my resin table/ bench top outdoors?

If you do request an outdoor table or bench we will finish it with Osmo UV protection oil specifically designed for outdoors. We do not recommend having any tables/ benches in direct sunlight, as drastic temperature changes can result in timber and resin movement and colour fading. Getting a cover for your outdoor table or bench is always recommended for an added layer of protection when not in use. 

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